Woodblock printing technique is among the oldest printing techniques discovered many centuries ago. In this printing technique, the text, picture or image to be transferred is engraved on a flat area by means of wooden boards. It is known that this printing technique, also called clichography or woodblock printing, originated in China. Later it started to be used by artists in the west.


Artistic products prepared with woodblock printing technique are met with interest by art lovers. You can prepare a perfect piece of work by using wide and flat wooden boards. Today, people who are interested in this printing technique as a hobby. With the wood print patterns you prefer; you can create perfect visuals on your bag or clothes. However, it will be useful to take care to choose the appropriate dyes for the product you are going to print.

Wood print products, which are preferred by many people in the decorative sense, offer you the art that comes from nature. It is distinguished from other handicraft products with its wood printing technique, which creates a fascinating effect with the warm tone of wood.


Woodblock Printing Technique Features


You can create differences with the wood printing technique that you can apply to the wall of your house, bag or clothes. By applying the wood printing technique, you can both have an efficient and pleasant time and create special designs at home or on your clothes. We can list the features of wood printing technique, which has been frequently preferred in recent years, as follows.


• The patterns you create in a certain area with the wood printing technique are unique to your taste. The patterns used in the prints made with natural materials have a very pleasant appearance.

• Wood printing technique, which has color intensity, is also special in terms of color tone. You can choose high quality and special printing inks to adjust this color density, which is an attractive feature.

• Wood printing is more practical compared to other printing techniques. You can apply the wood printing technique, which is resistant to water and heat, on fabric products or canvas on areas such as walls.

• Instead of using your wood prints for printing, you can paint them in the colors you want and display them decoratively in your home. They take on an attractive decorative task in different parts of the house, including your children's room.

• Prints made with wood printing technique can have a very durable structure compared to the preferred paint.


How is Woodblock Printing Made?


In order to print on wood, an image must be selected first. Then it is necessary to determine the area where the print will be made. After the area is prepared, it is necessary to find a wood piece with a wide and straight trunk. If it is a pattern of tiny shapes, a small piece of wood is sufficient. In the next step, after drawing the image, it is necessary to carve the wood. Then the wood is painted using special printing paints. Then it is necessary to transfer the image on the wood. A wood print pattern is transferred to fabric or paper. It may be necessary to press down so that the shape on the wood fits the fabric well. All areas to be applied on the fabric are shaped with the help of wooden printing molds.


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