Woodblock printing, also known as wood printing, is one of the traditional handicrafts made with wooden moulds. It is the process of transferring the wood print motifs used hundreds of years ago onto the fabric using a wood print pattern. You can make original prints at home with different designs of printing molds. At the same time, you can contribute to your home budget by selling the products you produce online with the wood printing process, which allows you to spend your time having fun.

It is one of the printing types that you can apply practically at home in terms of wood printing features that allow you to create unique products. You can create a unique style with the wood printing process you will apply on textile products such as bags, t-shirts, shirts, shawls and pillows. You can add a new look to your home decoration with woodblock printing that you can apply on various cotton fabrics.

Which Paint is Used in Wood Printing on Fabric?

The materials you will need are wood printing mould, wood printing paint and fabric. Root dyes were previously preferred for wood printing. These dyes were usually black in color. However, today it is possible to find paints in different structures and colors. If you want to apply the wood printing technique on the fabric, fabric paint such as cream in the form of acrylic paint is preferred. It is not suitable to use fabric dye in wood printing.

It is also important that the paint preferred for wood printing is suitable for the structure of the product to be printed. After performing the printing and dyeing process, you can iron the fabric to ensure that the printing and dyeing process is permanent.

Fabric dye has varieties such as powder fabric paint, liquid fabric paint and spray fabric paint. While powder fabric dye products can be used by diluting slightly, you can use liquid fabric dye by pouring it directly into a flat container. If the pattern on the wood printing mold is suitable for painting with spray fabric paint, it will be practical for you to choose spray fabric paint.

You can choose a single-color wood print paint to add color to the fabric or textile product you are printing with woodblock printing patterns, which have varieties in terms of size and pattern, or you can paint the print with different colors.

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