Woodblock printing is one of the printmaking types that emerged centuries ago. Woodblock printing, also known as wood printing, is an original printing technique made with wooden molds prepared with the excavation technique using wooden plates. In wood printing technique, all the lines that make up the picture are carved on the wooden printing plate and the paint applied on this higher part passes onto the paper by printing.


What is Woodblock Printing?


Woodblock printing is one of the first printing techniques. This art form, also known as wood printing and xylography, was invented by the Chinese. In this printing technique used by the Chinese, the thing wanted to be printed was engraved on the wooden boards in an upside-down manner and embossed, then pressed with a brush and ink and printed on the paper.

Wood printing is known as a painting technique thanks to a unique method. The desired image or form is transferred onto the flat wooden floor, and the surrounding is carved and colored, and printed on the surface to be transferred so that the image remains high.

Today, woodblock printing molds are obtained from linden, pear, cherry, plane tree and beech trees. The reason why these trees are preferred is that the bark of the tree has a flat surface.


How to Perform Woodblock Printing?


In order to print with wood printing technique, you must first decide on the image. Then you have to determine on which floor you will apply the pressure. If you want to make it on paper, fabric or another area for decorative purposes, you must decide.

To start the wood printing process, first of all, 1 wooden block with a flat surface is required. The desired image is drawn on this block. The area that is drawn and outside the image is cut with the help of a cutting tool and removed from the wooden block. With this process, the picture is provided to form a protrusion on the tree surface. Ink or paint is applied to the formed protrusion. The part that has been applied to the appropriate paper and ink is printed.


Today, you can buy wooden printing plates in sets with their paints. Before you start wood printing, you should paint your mold in the colors you prefer, using a sponge or brush. While painting, you should paint the protruding part of the mold. You can then place the pattern on canvas or paper. However, you should be careful not to move the mold during this time.




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