Are you tired of your worn-out clothes but don't know how to find a solution? Spray fabric paint makes worn-out clothes reusable with little touches. Spray fabric paints specially produced for fabric are often preferred to renew fabric colors.

What is Spray Fabric Paint?

Spray fabric paint is a decorative paint that can be applied to all fabrics and enables changing colors and also creating new patterns. Spray fabric paints are materials that allow us to repaint fabrics that have worn out, faded or are not used for various reasons. Spray fabric paint is widely preferred due to its practical use and easy accessibility.

Spray fabric paints are very simple to use. You can achieve different results by dyeing a faded fabric. You can fix the paint easily with an iron.

Spray fabric paints are water-based products. Therefore, there is no need to dilute with water when painting on fabric surfaces.

What Can Be Done With Spray Fabric Paint?

It is possible to give a pattern with spray fabric paint. Giving a pattern to the fabric is a task that requires skill. An original design can be obtained by applying the pattern or geometric shapes to be created on the fabric.

How is Spray Fabric Painting Made?

Thanks to the paints that offer practical and easy use with their spray form, you can turn your cloths to the style you desire. You can renew your clothes with spray paints. For example; If the color of a product you just bought has faded and you do not want to buy clothes again, you can paint it with a spray fabric paint to the color you want.

Before starting, the fabric to be dyed must be cleaned. To decrease spilling risk, you can cover the painting area with old newspapers or paper towels.

Viktoria Fabric Dye, which is one of most popular fabric dye brands today, offers great color options with its sprey fabric paints. Before using Viktoria Spray Fabric Paint, it is necessary to shake it.

Spray fabric paint should be sprayed on the fabric evenly on all areas. The painting process usually takes between 10 and 30 minutes. The duration may vary depending on the size and type of the fabric. If you want a longer-term effect, you can use a color fixer. After the application is over, you can air the fabric for a day. Then you can iron it upside down and wash it at 40 degrees.

How to Use Spray Paint in Dark Colors?

Spray fabric paints produce successful results, especially in dark colors. The issue to be considered when applying fabric paint is to paint the fabric with the same color or a darker tone. Light-colored fabrics can give successful results when dyed darkly. On the other hand, the desired result may not be achieved when dark colors are painted with light-colored paint.

The practicality of spray fabric paint application and the easy availability of paint have increased its use. When you want to apply different patterns, it is necessary to work carefully. Otherwise, the expected result may not be obtained.

Everydye offers different spray fabric paints with high quality and rich color range. You can visit to order spray fabric paint and review our products.


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