Fabric dye is a type of dye used to dye clothes that have aged or faded from exposure to the sun. Fabric dye changes the color of textile products. It is generally used in faded clothes and household items. Fabric dye is a product sold in liquid or powder form.

Fabric dye renews the colors of textile products that have lost their old appearance, have stains that do not come off or have problems in color for any reason. They can regain their first day's vividness by dyeing.

What Does Fabric Dye Do?

With fabric dye, you can dye textile products such as t-shirts, jeans, dresses, cloth shoes. After the dyeing process your clothes will regain their vivid colors from the first day.

It is also possible to dye household items such as sofa faces, curtains, pillows, sheets, blankets and tablecloths with fabric dyes.

Fabric dye is also preferred in dyeing techniques such as tie-dye. Tie-dye, known as shibori, has recently become very popular. In tie-dye dyeing, you can create creative and original patterns on t-shirts, tablecloths, dresses and pillowcases.

Viktoria Fabric Dye has the feature of being the most preferred brand among the dyes sold in powder form. Viktoria manufactures fabric dyes in all colors with high quality.

How is Fabric Dyeing Made?

There are various methods of dyeing fabric. You can dye your fabric easily with the tools can be found at every house. There are three main fabric dyeing methods: the bucket or sink method, the boiling method or the washing machine method.

Before starting fabric dyeing, it is necessary to check whether the fabric is clean. After soaking the fabric in warm water, you can proceed to the dyeing process.

Among these methods, the most practical one is to dye with the help of a washing machine. But all three dyeing methods give the same result.

In the boiling method, a pot that is large enough to move easily while mixing the fabric is preferred. When the water filled in the pot starts to boil, add powder fabric dye and mix. Then put in the fabric and stir occasionaly. After 10 minutes of stiring, leave the fabric in the water for 30 minutes – 1 hour.

In the bucket or sink method, the fabric is dyed in a bucket filled with water or in a sink with a clogged drain. Dissolve the powder fabric dye with warm water in another bowl and add it into the hot water with 60 degree. Put in the fabric and stir it continously for 10 minutes. After this process, keep the fabric in water for 30 minutes to 1 hour until the desired color is obtained.

In the washing machine method, you add the fabric you want to change the color of to the washing machine. You put the powder fabric dye that you dissolved in hot water in a separate bowl on the upper part and run the program at high temperature so that the fabric is not damaged. When the program is completed, your fabric will have its new color.



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