Fabric dye is generally used to color textile products. Fabric dye, which can be applied easily with the tools found in your homes, turns various items brand new. There are many color options for fabric dyes available today. In this way, people can have the opportunity to dye the items they want in the color they want. These colors are successful in dyeing fabrics of lighter colors than themselves. Therefore, it is a little difficult to dye a dark blue item with a lighter blue dye. For this reason, you should be careful that the fabric you are going to dye has a darker light color than the dye you bought.

All fabric types can be dyed easily with Viktoria fabric dye. It is possible to make your fabric look brand new and lively without facing any problems by following simple rules. All you have to do is decide what color you will dye the item you are going to dye.


Which Fabric Types Can I Dye with Fabric Dye?


Fabrics containing wool, cotton, rayon, silk, linen, nylon and ramie can be dyed with fabric dye. You can dye these fabric types, which are suitable for fabric dye use, as you wish.

It is recommended to add vinegar and salt to the dyeing water to improve the color quality. At this point, the choice should be made according to the type of fabric. Because salt is preferred for fabrics containing cotton, silk, ramie and linen; Vinegar is used for fabrics containing nylon, silk and wool. You can bring a new look to your old items by using liquid fabric dye or powder fabric dye, depending on your preference.


What Can Be Dyed with Fabric Dye?


You can renew all textile products with fabric dyeing. There is only one exception. That exception is products containing polyester. Among the clothes, trousers attract attention among the products that want to be dyed most frequently. Especially jeans can fade, lose their vivid color and wear out due to frequent washing. For this reason, it can be reused and made alive by using fabric dye.

It is possible to easily dye your t-shirts that have faded color or that you want to change their color with fabric dye. You can also dye your cloth shoes, shorts and shirts. Tablecloths, duvet covers, throw pillows and pillowcases that have been worn out due to excessive washing can also be dyed with fabric dye and used again as on the first day.



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