If you're interested in crafts, you can try repurposing old wooden furniture. Painting items such as tables, desks, cabinets, and drawers with acrylic paint can help you achieve sustainability at home. You can use these refurbished items in different areas of your home or sell them as second-hand items to contribute to your family's budget. Acrylic paint is a good choice for painting wooden accessories or furniture.

What are the Materials Needed for Painting Wooden Accessories?

Therefore, you can easily paint wooden accessories in your home with acrylic paint. Here are the materials you need for painting wooden accessories:

Paintable Wooden Products: You can buy wooden accessories such as trays, boxes, and keychains, or choose wooden furniture such as chairs, tables, desks, cabinets, and drawers from your home.

Sandpaper: After deciding on the wooden product you will paint, you should use sandpaper to smooth the surface of the product for long-lasting paint. Depending on the size of the product, you can use a sponge or paper sandpaper.

Paint: Acrylic paint is a good choice for painting wooden surfaces. Acrylic paints on the market are generally sold as water-based paints. Water-based acrylic paint is composed of plastic acrylic particles held in water and pigment. Acrylic paint products are among the preferred types of paint for hobby purposes since they are easy to clean and have a soft texture at room temperature that is not affected by water. You can choose from Viktoria Acrylic Paint options in various colors and properties to paint wood.

Brush: When painting wooden accessories, you should choose several brushes of different sizes as the surface width and the brush selection that fits your application techniques are important.

Varnish: Using varnish after completing the painting process is healthy for the surface to have a smooth appearance. Varnish can also strengthen the durability of the paint. Therefore, you can apply either glossy or matte varnish according to your preference.

Practical Wood Accessory Painting Techniques

There are many techniques you can choose from when painting wooden accessories. You can create wonders at home with practical wood painting techniques.

The distressing technique is one of the techniques you can easily apply when painting wood. To apply this technique, you should use a dry brush that you have not used before to make small brush strokes on the wooden surface painted in a flat color. To apply the distressing technique, dip the brush in the acrylic paint in the desired color. Then, be careful to clean the excess paint from the brush. After that, you can apply the remaining paint on the brush to the wooden surface you want to distress with a horizontal, firm, and single stroke. Then, you can lightly go back in the opposite direction without dipping the brush into the paint to give the wooden surface a distressed look.



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