Acrylic paints are colorants obtained from plastic-based mixtures. You can color many products in your home easily with acrylic paints which can be used for multiple purposes. You can recycle old metal or wooden trays by coloring them with acrylic paints that you dilute with some water. With the tray painting process, you can both have a pleasant and productive time and prefer a sustainable life in your home by making the old trays reusable.


Standing out with its high quality and vibrant color options, Viktoria Acrylic Paint is preferred by many people who are interested in painting as a hobby. It does not contain any toxic substances. You can choose Viktoria Acrylic Paints for painting wooden trays or painting metal trays. At the same time, with this paint; you can also choose to paint various surfaces such as canvas, wood, glass, metal, fabric, plastic, ceramics.


Metal Tray Painting with Acrylic Paint


If the metal tray you used in the past is rusted, you can make it reusable by applying rusty tray painting techniques.


• In the metal tray painting process, the tray you will paint should be cleaned from dust, oil and dirt.

• You can apply masking tape to the inside edges of the tray. This will give you a cleaner painting process.

• Then you can pour the acrylic paint of your choice into a suitable paint dish. Then, using a pompom brush, you should apply the paint with buffer movements to the inside of the tray.

• After painting the inner surface, turn the tray upside down and paint the back of the tray with the same color acrylic paint. You can choose a different color if you wish.

• After the painting process is finished, you can leave the tray to dry for 24 hours.

• After a day, you can apply a second coat of paint to the inside of the tray.

• You can then peel off the masking tape attached to the inside.

• You can also paint the edges of the interior with acrylic paint of a different color.

• After the painting process of the inside and the sides is finished, you should apply a second coat of paint on the back side.

• It would be helpful to let all the paint dry for 12 hours.

• You can paint the tray with aging paint in the color of your preferred paint to create an aging look.

• For this, you can dip the reverse side of the sponge into the aged, dyed mixture. You can paint the inside of the tray in stripes from beginning to end.

• With a clean and damp cloth, you can sweep the inside of the tray from top to bottom until you get the aged look you want.

• After the painting process is finished, you should let the paints dry between 6 and 8 hours.

• Finally, you can varnish every part of the tray 2 times with a clean brush.

• You can use your tray after 24 hours.


Painting Wooden Tray with Acrylic Paint


You can choose acrylic paint to paint wooden trays as well as metal trays. You can dilute the acrylic paint with some water and add it to the spray, and you can use the technique of painting a wooden tray with a spray.

• The surface of the wooden tray on which you will paint should be cleaned with a damp cloth and cleaned of dust and dirt and made suitable for painting.

• It will be useful to use soft-tipped brushes to avoid ripples and brush marks during painting.

• For a perfect painting process, you should take care to apply the brush strokes in one direction.

• After the painting is finished, you can apply 2 coats of varnish so that the object can be used for many years without wearing out.


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