Woodblock printing is a traditional printing technique that is ideal for printing on fabric surfaces. This printing method, which can be applied with wooden printing molds, is preferred by many people today. Wooden printing molds with different patterns are prepared by carving the wood in a special way. Also known as woodcut printing, you can apply this printing technique to products such as T-shirts, scarves, tablecloths, and fabric napkins.

You can easily carry out the woodblock printing process with a wooden printing mold. To apply this printing technique, you will also need fabric dye. Fabric dyes are a type of acrylic paint used to dye textile products.

How to Make Patterned Fabric Napkins with Woodblock Printing?

You may prefer to use fabric napkins for your dining table. How about coloring these fabric napkins with a wooden printing mold?

Before starting to make fabric napkins with woodblock printing, you should decide on the size and pattern of the wooden printing mold you will use. At this point, you should take into account the dimensions of the napkin you will color. Then, you can choose your color among fabric dye types. If you have prepared your materials, you can color your fabric napkins by following the steps below.

• You can prepare a slightly soft area by putting a blanket under the fabric napkin you will apply the woodblock printing technique to.

• Thn, you can pour liquid fabric dye onto a flat plate to paint the wooden printing mold.

• You can cut an unused dish sponge into four pieces to use it to paint the wooden printing mold. Then, you can lightly press the soft part of the dish sponge on the plate with the paint to get some paint on it.

• Then, you can apply the paint on the wooden printing mold by lightly hitting it with the sponge you got the paint on.

• You can place the painted part of the wooden printing mold on the part of the fabric napkin you want to color and apply light pressure with your wrist to ensure that the pattern is fully transferred to the fabric.

• After the printing process is complete, you can paint the pattern using a small-tipped watercolor brush and fabric dye.

• After the printing and painting process, wait for one day to dry. Then, you can iron the fabric napkin from the reverse side to fix the printing and painting on the fabric. By ironing, you can make the printing and painting on the fabric napkin permanent.

• You can start using the fabric napkin that you colored with the woodblock printing technique.Formun Üstü

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