Kimonos are known as straight-lined, collared, and long-sleeved garments. These clothes have different length models. Kimonos have wide sleeves and cuffs and do not have any connectors such as a zipper or button on the front. Instead, a belt can be used to connect the front parts.

Kimonos can adapt to both modern and nostalgic styles with various colors and patterns. Kimono combinations can be used in daily life as well as for different purposes such as wearing them by the sea. Although generally preferred by women, men's kimono models also offer many options.

The kimono, which is a part of Japanese culture, has an elegant appearance. Nowadays, these clothing items are added to combinations to create modern styles. In addition to models suitable for daily wear, there are also kimono varieties suitable for use in chic invitations or business life. For example, a quite chic look can be created when combined with shirt models suitable for business life. This garment is a very useful clothing item that both women and men can prefer.

Kimonos, which have a unique style, are preferred according to each individual's style. Therefore, individuals who want to adapt kimonos to their style use the woodblock printing method to design kimonos according to their individual preferences and make it a fun activity.

Woodblock printing, which is a unique method of drawing and painting, is also known as a woodcut. This printing method is done using a woodblock printing mold. It is possible to print unique figures on kimonos using woodblock printing molds. Thus, it allows you to create your style while your kimonos are blowing in the wind at the beach, working in the office, or having a meal at a chic invitation. Individuals can transfer the desired image onto the kimono with woodblock printing molds according to their preferences.

Creating a Kimono Design with Woodblock Printing Step by Step

Step 1

You can make your kimonos unique with woodblock printing to suit your style. This way, your kimonos will have a beautiful appearance wherever you wear them. For a kimono that will be worn at sea, shell and fish-like figures can be preferred. For a stylish event, more simple and modern figures can be preferred. For example, a kimono with small leaves printed on it is a great option for a stylish event.

Step 2

To create a successful woodblock print, a wide and flat-bodied type of wood should be chosen. Those who want to draw small shapes can choose small wooden materials. However, for those who want to print large figures on the kimono, choosing a large tree trunk will be more correct for an easy printing application. In addition, the tree trunk should be smooth.

Step 3

After the figure is drawn, the areas where white should remain when transferred onto the fabric should be carved using materials specially designed for wood. This way, the areas where white is desired will be lower. Then, special printing paints should be applied to the wooden printing block using a roller.

Step 4

After these steps, the transfer of the wooden printing block onto the fabric of the kimono can be performed. The fabric should be placed on the visual. Then, it should be rubbed with a wooden material and the paint should be transferred nicely. The wooden printing block should have a soft structure. Otherwise, transferring the lines onto the kimono fabric will be quite difficult. For this reason, larger and wider images should be preferred for creating a kimono design with a woodblock printing block.


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