Fabric dyeing can be applied to worn-out, faded, and discolored garments. It can also be used on newly purchased clothes with undesirable colors. When dyeing fabric, it is important to pay attention to the fabric's characteristics.

Fabrics that do not contain polyester fibers can be dyed. Fabrics containing up to approximately 15% polyester can be dyed as well. There are three different methods you can use for the dyeing process: using a washing machine, a bucket with hot water, or the boiling method in a pot. Choose the appropriate method for the fabric and proceed with the dyeing. The higher the temperature, the shorter the dyeing time will be. As the temperature decreases, the dyeing time will increase.

After the dyeing process, it is natural to wonder whether the fabric dye will bleed or not. The bleeding of fabric dye when washed depends on the quality of the dye used and the correct application of the dyeing process. Without using a fabric dye fixative, it is not possible to be satisfied with the color of the product after a proper fabric dyeing process. The fabric dye fixative deeply penetrates the fabric of the garment, ensuring that it doesn't wash out during subsequent washes.

What is the Purpose of Viktoria Fabric Dye Fixative?

Viktoria Fabric Dye Fixative is used to increase the durability of the dyed fabric against washing, sweating, and fading caused by sunlight. It ensures that the fabric's color remains vibrant for a long period. This fabric dye fixative, which creates permanence in terms of color, is not only used on dyed fabrics but can also be applied to newly purchased textile products. Applying it to a new fabric item, helps the product maintain its colorful and vibrant appearance for a longer time, just like it was on the first day.

Viktoria Fiske Fabric Dye Fixative is a protective product that can be used on dyed or newly purchased fabrics. It is available in packages of 30 cc and 1 liter. When using 10 grams of dye, it is recommended to use 30 ccs of fixative. It provides long-lasting protection against the sun fading of the fabric. Issues like color bleeding and fabric wear during washing are prevented. If the fabric dye fixative is not used, the dyeing process will not be protective.

How to Use Viktoria Fabric Dye Fixative?

Viktoria Fiske Fabric Dye Fixative should be added to clean water heated to 30 degrees Celsius and mixed well. Then, the dyed and rinsed fabric should be immersed in the solution and thoroughly soaked with the fixative. The fabric should be left in the water for about half an hour. Afterward, it should be hung to dry without wringing. This way, the fabric retains the dye for a longer time, increasing its permanence.

Where Can You Buy Viktoria Fabric Dye Fixative?

The answer to where you can buy Viktoria fabric dye fixative is quite simple. Viktoria Fabric Dye Fixative can be easily found in supermarkets, home improvement stores, and stationery shops. However, online shopping can also be a preferred option.

To explore and purchase Viktoria Fabric Dye Fixative products, you can visit the website



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