Fabric dyeing is the method used to reuse old, faded fabrics that you do not want to throw away. There are different dyes used in the fabric dyeing process. One of them is spray fabric paint. These paints, which are preferred because of their practicality, can be applied to all fabric surfaces to obtain the desired color and pattern. A stylish image will emerge after the spray-painting process for decorative purposes.

How to Use Spray Fabric Paint?

You can create and reflect your own style using spray fabric paint. It can be applied easily and effortlessly thanks to its spray form. It can be used for new clothes as well as for faded clothes.

Those who find the old-style versions of fabric dyes troublesome can use the spray form. When using spray fabric paints, it is necessary to paint from light colors to dark colors. Light color is easier to cover or change color than dark color.

What are the Usage Areas of Spray Fabric Paint?

Spray fabric paints have areas of use. Successful results can be obtained when used in the areas we will talk about below.

·         painting the seats,

·         dyeing t-shirts and trousers,

·         wool, cotton and similar blended fabric pieces

·         hobby activities

T-Shirt Painting with Spray Paint

Spray fabric paints are comfortable to use. However, it is necessary to act carefully if good results are desired.

·         Care must be taken to ensure that the fabric to be dyed is clean and dry.

·         Since it will be a dirty work, a cloth or newspaper should be placed under the fabric in order not to harm the environment.

·         Free pattern work can be done optionally.

How Is Spray Fabric Paint Made?

It will be useful for you to try the following method while dyeing the fabric.

As we mentioned above, make sure to lay newspaper paper on the floor. Lay your fabric on the paper and shake the bottle before using. Then apply the paint on the fabric. It is very important that the paint is applied evenly on the fabric.

Since spray paint is an easy-to-apply paint type, it is possible to work with patterns if you wish. If you want, you can work with different patterns and shapes. You can get different designs by applying the desired pattern or geometric shapes on the fabric.

Spray fabric paint is particularly successful in dark colors. The main point to be considered in the fabric dyeing process is to dye the fabric in the same color or one tone darker.

You should make sure that the fabric to be dyed is washed and clean.

The painting process will take approximately 30 minutes. The time varies according to the size of the fabric.

If you want the spray fabric paint to be permanent, you can fix it with the help of iron.

After completing the application, let the fabric rest for a day to breathe. Your fabric is now ready and you can use it by ironing it on the reverse.

As we mentioned above, the spray fabric dyeing process can be completed in one day.

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