Porcelain painting is a kind of hobby can be made with various techniques and patterns. With porcelain painting, you can recreate your porcelain items and have a pleasant time. For example; You can turn a regular mug into a vase by coloring it with porcelain painting patterns. In this way, you can take up a hobby on the one hand and breathe a new life into your porcelain on the other hand.


One of the paint types you can use for porcelain painting is acrylic paint. Acrylic paint, which is the most used paint type for hobby purposes, can be used on many areas such as wood, porcelain and fabric. Acrylic paints are often preferred because of their creamy and smooth texture and harmless to health. Acrylic paint has many color options. Acrylic paint, which is quite durable, is resistant to external factors and heat.


Where to Buy Acrylic Paint?


Acrylic paint has its own varieties such as classic and multisurface acrylic paint. You can easily paint with Viktoria Acrylic Paint which has different color options. Before starting to paint, you need to decide which acrylic paint to choose. You can choose the right acrylic paint according to the porcelain you will use.


There are various materials required for porcelain painting application. These materials are easily accessible and will allow you to create wonders in a short time. Porcelain painting application can be started with acrylic paint, porcelain pen and porcelain object to which the paint will be applied.


There are two preferred techniques in porcelain painting. The first of these is to apply the paint on the porcelain and leave it to dry. In the second technique, specially produced paints are used for painting the porcelain surface.


Porcelain painting may take more time than other painting types. If you want to paint porcelain, you need to be patient. If you want to use acrylic paint while painting porcelain, it will be better to use white or light-colored porcelain. If you want the acrylic paint to be transparent, it would be appropriate to mix it with white.


How to Paint Porcelain with Acrylic Paint?


When painting porcelain with acrylic paint, the first step is to clean the area where the paint will be applied. Baking after the first coat of paint will increase the permanence and depth of the paint. If you want to paint several coats, you can paint again after baking and then bake again.


While baking the porcelain object, care must be taken that the painted areas do not come into contact with any parts. Otherwise, traces may occur on the object. Even if it dries before baking, it may become sticky with the effect of the paint. For this reason, the temperature of the oven may vary according to the content of the paint. You can bake at an average temperature of 180 degrees and get a nice result.


Everydye Pro offers different paint options for porcelain painting for hobby and decoration purposes. With Viktoria Acrylic Paint, you can easily paint your preferred object and obtain different and decorative products.




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