Plastic flowerpot painting is among the paint applications that are frequently in the minds of those who are interested in handicraft hobbies. It is important how the plastic pots used to bring the beauty of the flowers into the space on open balconies, on the windowsills, on the nightstands, on the tables and many more. Plastic flowerpots can be decorated with the desired colors by painting with plastic pot painting ideas that can be compatible with the beauty of flowers. For example, it is possible to turn your flowerpots into nostalgic and rustic accessories with the application of aged flowerpot painting.


Plastic flowerpots, which are generally one color, are painted in various colors and create a unique ambiance in your garden, balcony and also inside your home.


What Type of Paint is Used for Plastic Pot Painting?


It is easy to paint plastic surfaces. However, non-absorbent plastic materials such as wooden surfaces can be painted using a plastic primer. In this way, it is ensured that the paint can easily adhere to the surface. It is possible to paint plastic pots with acrylic paint.


Plastic Flowerpot Painting


There are various alternatives for the plastic pot painting process. There are options such as painting a pot with a sponge, painting a plastic pot with spray paint, and painting a pot with a brush. You can start the plastic pot painting application by cleaning the surface of your pot. Then you can optionally apply the glossy surface primer on the plastic flowerpot. Surface primer application is not required. However, it is ideal for preparing the surface so that the paint on the flowerpot can adhere well. After the plastic pot painting materials are prepared, you can start the painting process.


• Take some acrylic paint into a clean container to paint the first coat of paint.

• Shake the paint well. Then pour into the container and load some paint on your brush.

• Apply to the surface by moving the brush up and down with soft strokes.

• To make two different colors, pull a strip with paper tape from the middle or anywhere you want.

• Paint the open part of the strip the color you want. Then let the paint dry for a period of 6 to 12 hours.

• After the paint has dried, apply the paint with more careful movements to apply the second coat.

• Apply the paint with sweeping movements in one direction at the stage of laying the topcoat.

• Let it dry in a safe place for a day. Then varnish to protect the surface.

• Those who want to draw various patterns on plastic pots can paint various patterns with ready-made templates before varnishing.


You can visit for the materials used in the plastic pot painting work and more.


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