Tie-dye is one of the trend applications of recent times. Tie-dye, also known as the shibori technique, is the dyeing of the fabric in different patterns. If you have not practiced this technique before, then you may want to learn it.

Many products produces with the Shibori technique are in the range of many big brands. Recently, brands have started to offer clothes with tie-dye technique. So, how is tie-dye done? Here are the curious things about tie-dye.

The process of dyeing tie-dye t-shirts at home is very easy and enjoyable. For this, you can create great desings and patterns by spending one hour of your time to this work. In addition, you can make it economical by renewing an existing t-shirt instead of buying a new one.

The materials you need to dye a tie-dye t-shirt at home are as follows:

·         Fabric dye for tie-dyeing

·         White T-shirt

·         Several rubber bands

·         Fabric dye stabilizer

How to Make Tie-dye T-Shirt at Home?

Coloring and shaping a white t-shirt is simpler, so lay your new white t-shirt or existing t-shirt on a flat surface and place a fork in the middle to give it a round shape. You can remove the fork when you're done with the rounding process. Stabilize some points of the t-shirt with a few elastic bands.

After this process, the fun part of the job begins. When purchasing fabric dye, you can choose the colors you like. Pour the colors you like into a bowl and liquefy each dye by mixing it with water. If you want a dark and vibrant color, then you need to use less water. For pale colors, it is necessary to use plenty of water.

You can start the tie-dye process with the dyes you have chosen. Generally, pink, blue and purple colors are used in this type of painting. But you can choose the color you want and combine different colors.

Since it is a different technique, you have to dye each part that you cover with the tires in different colors. After painting the front, you can move on to the back. You can also apply the same method you used in the front, in the back.

If the dye you bought is of poor quality, it may run and the color will fade. For this reason, it is extremely important to choose quality fabric dye.

After completing the T-shirt dyeing process, you should leave it to dry. The t-shirt, which is dried, can be fixed later with an iron. Wrapping it with stretch film without touching the shape of the dyed fabric and waiting for 4-6 hours will prevent the dyes from mixing with each other while rinsing.

Thanks to the tie-dye t-shirt dyeing process, you will renew your old t-shirts and create a new color and style for yourself. There are many products prepared in the same way on the market, but the selling price of these products will be much more than your cost.

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