It is possible to reuse old or fading clothes with the help of fabric dye. Fabric dye is one of the practical methods that will make the clothes look like the first day. You can dye any garment that wears out and loses its color in fabric dyeing.

It is possible to reuse the worn, faded or discolored clothes by dyeing them with the help of fabric dye. With fabric dye, you can dye your clothes in vibrant colors. Generally, the black color fades after a certain period of time. You can easily use your faded black outfit by dyeing it with fabric dye.

The fabric dyeing process is quite simple. There are three different methods that can be preferred in fabric dyeing. The first is to dye manually, the second is to dye with a washing machine, and the third is to dye with the help of special dyes. Manual dyeing can be challenging compared to machine dyeing. Depending on the outfit and conditions you want to dye, you can choose the dyeing method you want.

How to Dye Fabric?

You can choose the most practical one among several methods for fabric dyeing. In the hand washing method, you need to make two buckets ready for use. Powder fabric dye is poured into one of the buckets, and the clothes are placed inside the bucket. It is then mixed thoroughly. After the mixing process, it is left to rest for two hours and after that, the clothes are taken into the other bucket and water is added to it. The garment in the bucket is thoroughly rubbed.

Fabric dyeing with a washing machine is much more practical than the manual method. After putting the clothes into the machine, pour a package of powder fabric dye into a container. You can add 1 teaspoon of salt and pour hot water into the container. It is necessary to wet the fabric to be dyed in a short program. In order for the fabric dye to dye the garment, the fabric must be wet.

After wetting the fabric, you need to pour the mixture you have prepared through the softener compartment of the washing machine.

How to Make Fabric Dye Permanent?

To make the fabric dye permanent, add some salt after applying the dye to the garment. Then wash with clean water. Then let it dry in an environment where there is no sun. You can make the fabric dye permanent by ironing it in reverse after it dries. Your outfit is ready to use after these processes.

Fabric dye stabilizer is also used to make the dye permanent. If you add Fiske (stabilizer) to the rinsing water of the fabric you rinse in cold water, the dye spreads homogeneously on the fabric and is fixed. A spoonful of vinegar can also be added while boiling on wool or nylon fabrics.

How to Fix Spray Fabric Dye?

The application time of the spray fabric dye varies between 10 and 30 minutes. Dyeing time may vary depending on the type, size and color of the fabric. After the dyeing process, the fabric should be left to air for 24 hours in the open air and fixed with the help of iron after this process.

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