Woodblock printing is a printing technique that can be used to add color to various products, from clothing to home textiles and wooden accessories. With this printing technique, which you can easily apply at home, you can spend your time pleasantly and productively. How about preparing a great American placemat set to use while dining using the woodblock printing technique?

If you want to prepare American placemat sets by hand at home using woodblock printing, you're in the right place! By using a wood block printing mold, you can make the design of your dining table compatible with your home decor and create stylish and delicious meals. To make an American placemat or service plate with woodblock printing, you will need the following materials:

      Plywood in 40x30 cm dimensions

      American placemat fabric in suitable dimensions to cover the surface of the plywood

      Wooden block printing mold

      Liquid fabric dye

If you prefer, you can choose to make a product using only the American placemat fabric without using plywood. It is completely up to you. Once you have selected the pattern and size of the wooden printing mold and decided on the color of the fabric dye, we can start making the wooden block printed placemat:

      You can place the fabric you will apply the wood printing technique on a soft area created on the table with items such as a blanket.

      Then, you can pour the fabric paint into a flat surface plate.

      You can cut an unused dish sponge in half to paint the printing mold.

      Using the soft part of the dish sponge, gently tap the plate to absorb the paint.

      Then, you can paint the pattern on the mold with the sponge.

      At this point, after making sure that the design part of the wood printing mold is fully painted, you should place the mold on the fabric.

      Apply pressure to the mold with your wrist to ensure that the mold's pattern is fully transferred onto the fabric.

      Afterward, if you want to paint the printed pattern with different colors, you can use fabric paint in different colors and a fine-tipped brush.

      After waiting for the paint to dry for a while, you should iron the fabric on the uncolored side at high heat and without steam. Ironing is done to fix the paint onto the fabric.

      Then, you can cut the colored fabric you have printed with the wood printing technique to suitable dimensions for the plywood and stick it onto the plywood with a silicone gun.

You can use the American service set you have prepared with your own hands to set up delicious and stylish tables.

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