Vases produced from many materials such as glass, metal and wood are among the complementary elements of home decoration, both with and without flowers. Sometimes you can add warmth to your home with colorful flowerpots and sometimes vases displaying freshly picked flowers.

However, if you like to deal with handicrafts, you can prepare vases where you can display your colorful flowers. You can evaluate the glass jars at home and use them as ornaments. You can turn glass jars into vases by painting them.


We Make Vases from Jars


If you want to turn glass jars into products that will adapt to the spirit of the house, you can make vases from jars you don't use.


What are Glass Jar Painting Materials?


Glass jar painting materials are as follows.


Viktoria Acrylic Paint (Viktoria Classic Acrylic Paint or Multisurface paint can be preferred)

• Glass jar

• Varnish

• Brush

• Metallic paint


You can choose acrylic paint to make a vase from a glass jar. You can easily paint many areas with Viktoria Multisurface Acrylic Paint.


What are the Glass Jar Painting Stages?


To make a vase from a jar, the following steps are followed.

• First, the vase you plan to paint is cleaned and made ready for painting.

• Then, the color of your choice is painted with one coat of Viktoria Multisurface Paint.

• It will be useful to wait 24 hours for the first coat of paint to dry.

• One day later, a different acrylic paint in a different color from the first coat of paint and suitable for the color of other products in the house can be poured into a flat container.

• Then, by dipping the soft part of the sponge into the paint, painting the glass jar is continued with small buffer movements. In this way, you can ensure that the vase you have prepared gains a deep image.


How to Make Glass Jar Decoration?


• If you are confident in your painting and drawing skills, you can draw whatever you want on the glass jar with fine-tipped brushes.

• Then you can add more movement to the vase by tying the end of the jar with ribbons that match the colors it paints.

• After making sure that your vase is dry, you can place the handmade vase in any part of the house you want.


You can use it by putting romantic flowers in the vase you have prepared with your effort. You can add a pleasant atmosphere to your home with colorful flowers.

You can visit to review and order Viktoria Hobby Paint options.


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