You may want to make your loved ones happy with New Year's gifts, Christmas pine trees and Christmas-themed accessories. Handmade snow globe is a unique gift for those who want to give handmade gifts to their loved ones. Snow globes, which are identified with Christmas gifts, become more meaningful when they are handmade.

Glass globes containing small toy figurines, giving the impression of flaky snow when turned upside down; It is one of the furniture alternatives that can be a fun activity for those who have free time at home. At the same time, making a pre-school snow globe is an enjoyable activity.


Making a Snow Globe at Home


It can be preferred a snowman, glass tree or classic toy figure when making a snow globe at home. It is only up to your imagination to design a snow globe that is entirely to your taste. You can make a snow globe in the color and concept you want and make yourself and your loved ones happy.


Materials Required for Making a Snow Globe at Home


The first step to making an easy snow globe is to prepare the necessary materials. These materials are as follows.

• First, a jar with a lid should be provided. Empty jars such as jam or pickle cans can be used for this.

• It is necessary to provide water resistant silicone adhesive.

• It is necessary to decide on the figure to be placed in the jar. Decorations such as a snowman, Santa Claus or a pine tree can be used for the snow globe, which can support the decor of those who want to create a New Year's Eve concept.

• At the same time, the ornament should be used whatever is desired to fall on the figure in the jar when it is turned upside down. Snow effect can be created with white or colored glitters, gold or silver gilded glitters.

• Water and glycerine should also be provided. These materials are needed to keep the glitters or artificial snow moving in the jar longer when the snow globe is turned upside down.


Making a Snow Globe with a Jar


The following steps can be followed to make a snow globe with a jar.

Step 1: By turning the lid of the jar upside down, the figures to be used in it should be carefully adhered with adhesive transparent silicone. Particular attention should be paid to the placement of the figure in the very center of the cover while gluing the figures.

Step 2: Whatever ornaments are desired to be seen inside the jar, those figures should be used. A pine tree, a couple, a heart or a bride and groom trinket can be preferred. These can be placed inside the snow globe. After sticking the trinket with silicone regularly and carefully, it should be waited for 15-20 minutes on average.

Step 3: Water should be poured into the jar. Then, some space should be left as glycerin needs to be poured into the jar.

Step 4: Glycerin should be carefully poured into the jar.

Step 5: The most fun part of the activity is adding the desired amount of glitter to the glycerine and water. Then you should mix the glitter, glycerin and water with a spoon.

Step 6: Towards the end of the snow globe construction, it is necessary to place the lid of the jar, on which ornaments or trinkets are attached. It is important to close the lid tightly so that the liquid does not leak out and the labor is not wasted. For this reason, silicone adhesive can be applied to the inner periphery of the cover.

Step 7: The handmade jar snow globe is now ready. After completing the snow globe, you can color the lid of the jar with Viktoria Acrylic Paint. You can do this activity with your loved ones or you can gift it to your loved ones.


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