Although dyeing is a difficult and troublesome process, fabric dye is much different and simpler than other dyeing types. If you are asking yourself ‘I wonder if I can buy fabric dye and dye my jeans?’ you should know that there is no need to hesitate. Thanks to the methods we will talk about below, you can practically dye your jeans in a very short time.

We all know that products we buy usually changes their color and become pale after a few washings. This makes a brand new outfit look old and worn. For this, you can recolor your clothes with the fabric dyeing process at home easily. You can even change it to a different color. When you choose a quality dye, the product you dye will have much more permanent colors than before.

How to Dye Jeans with Fabric Dye?

The important point you should pay attention to while dyeing the fabric is that the fabric dye color you choose should be darker than the color of the fabric you will dye. Especially, hand dyeing will give more effective results on clothes such as coats, jackets and jeans. During dyeing, you should wear plastic gloves to prevent the dye from getting on your hands.

Dyeing Jeans in the Washing Machine

Dissolve two packs of Viktoria Fabric Dye with hot water and pour it onto your fabric in your washing machine. If you want to use Fiske Fabric Dye Stabilizer to protest the color, add it to the softener tank. Then start the hottest and longest program your fabric can tolerate. After the program completes wash your fabric with a mild detergent on warm water and leave it to dry.

Hand Dyeing Jeans

Before starting this process, you should wear plastic gloves to protect your hands. You can also use nylon covers to protect dyeing area from spilling and splashing. Dissolve two packs of Viktoria Fabric dye with hot water. Fill a bucket or a similar plastic container with 60C water. Put your jeans into the water and pour dissolved fabric dye on it. Stir it for 10 minutes continously then leave the fabric in the dyebath for 30-60 minutes.

Rinse the fabric with warm water until the rinse water becomes clear. Then wash it with a mild detergent and leave it to dry. 


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