Jeans are one of the clothes we often use in daily life. Trousers may fade or lose their vitality depending on the frequency of use. In this case, we would like to buy a new one immediately to replace them. But did you know that jeans can be dyed with fabric dye? You can make faded or worn jeans brand new by dyeing them.


Although the consumption frenzy is göne crazy in these days, climate change, increasing costx and sustainability studies highlight the use-recycle practice instead of the use-throw logic. Today, a large amount of water and other components are used to produce a garment. To prevent this and to prevent unnecessary use of water in the future, the concept of slow fashion has come to the fore. With slow fashion, it is possible to use clothes for a long time.

Fabric dye recycles wearable but discolored clothes, making them ready for use. It is possible to extend the life of the items you use with fabric dye. In this way, you protect both your budget and your future.


How to Fix Fading Black Pants?


Dyeing pants with fabric dye is an extremely practical process. You can restore the trousers, whose color has changed from black to dark gray, by dyeing them with fabric dye.

If you are wondering how to dye trousers with fabric dye, the answer is quite simple. Color stabilizer, fabric dye and fabric are required for fabric dyeing.


Dyeing Jeans with Bucket Method


Those who want to dye jeans by hand need two buckets and fabric dye for this process. For the dyeing process, a bucket should be chosen in which the fabric can float freely. Add water at a temperature suitable for the fabric to the bucket. The temperature during dyeing is important for dyeing quality. Add the dye determined in proportion to the fabric to the water and mix until dissolved. Then add the fabric.

Soak in water until the water is completely cooled, stirring occasionally, until the entire surface of the fabric is dyed. After this process, rinse the fabric until clean water runs out. If you want to use Fiske, add a flick of clean warm water to the extent that the fabric can float. Fiske is a protective product used on dyed or newly purchased fabrics. When 10 gr paint is used, 30 cc Fiske can be used. Soak in water for 30 minutes. Then you can dry the fabric by running it through water and use it.


Fabric Dyeing with Washing Machine


The process of dyeing fabric with a washing machine is very practical. Do not think about whether the fabric will be dyed in the washing machine. In the washing machine, the fabric is dyed in a very comfortable and practical way.

If dyeing is to be done in the washing machine, it is necessary to dissolve the dye in a glass of warm water and put it in the tub of the machine. Instead of putting the dye in the detergent section, it is necessary to put it in the boiler compartment.

Then, the washing program suitable for the label temperature of the fabric should be selected. If you are going to use the Fiske Dye Fixer, add it to the softener compartment and start the program. When the washing process is finished, you can leave it to dry it.

Another point to be considered while dyeing in the machine is tos kip the squeezing process. If it is to be done, it should be done at low speed.


How to Dye to Jet Black?



In order to make the fabric black, it is necessary to choose the right dye. To obtain a black dye, Viktoria Fabric Dye number 30 can be preferred.


For dyeing in the pot, a pot should be chosen in which the fabric can move freely. Add water to the pot and turn on the stove. Add the dye determined in proportion to the fabric to the water and mix until dissolved. Continue the dyeing process, stirring from time to time, until you dye the entire surface of the fabric. Depending on the temperature, the dyeing time can be determined. After this process, turn off the stove and leave it in water until it cools down. Then rinse the fabric until clean water runs out. If you are going to use a dye fixer, add it to clean warm water in an amount that the fabric can move. Leave for up to 30 minutes. Then you can rinse the fabric and dry it.


Viktoria is a Turkish brand that has been serving for more than 120 years in fabric dyeing. If you want to reuse your faded clothes instead of throwing them away, you can choose Viktoria. 

You can visit for information about fabric dye types.


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