You can renew your faded by using fabric dye. All you have to do is to buy fabric dye and dye the fabric. You can perform your process according to the type of fabric dye you purchased.


It is possible to dye your fabrics by using powder fabric dye. With fabric dye, you can recolor your old or faded clothes and give them their vibrant colors back.


How to Use Fabric Dye?


You can apply the fabric dye in your washing machine or by hands. The fabric can be dyed by hand, in the pot or in the washing machine. If you do not dare to dye in the washing machine, you can dye in a pot or by hand.


You can use fabric dye, color stabilizer, washing machine, pot or bucket for fabric dyeing. One of the points to be considered when dyeing fabric is that the clothing you need to dye is must have only one color.


How to Use Powder Fabric Dye?


Before you start dyeing fabric, you need to boil some hot water according to the size of the fabric. Make sure that the container you will put the water into is large enough to hold the entire fabric. The fabric should be able to move in the container easily.


Add some salt to the boiled water. The salt helps the dye to penetrate into the fabric.


Add sufficient amount of powder dye to the boiling water and mix well. Turn down the bottom of the hob so that the fabric is thoroughly wet in the bowl. Wetting all over the fabric means that the dye reaches everywhere. In this way, there will be no fluctuation on the fabric after dyeing and every part of the fabric will be dyed.


The fabric should remain in the container for 30 minutes. During this time, turn the fabric 3-4 times with a ladle or a wand. In this way, the dye will be transferred to all sides of the fabric equally. After 30 minutes, turn off the stove and wait for the water to cool.


When the desired color is achieved, you can remove the fabric from the dye bath. The fabric will appear darker because it is wet. The color will become lighter as it dries.


You can use color stabilizer to fix the fabric dye. When the dyed fabric is washed, its color may bleed. Color fixer will fix the dye on the fabric. You can use FISKE FABRIC DYE STABILIZER to increase color and reduce color bleeding. Fabric dye stabilizer should be applied after dyeing, before rinsing.


Rinse the fabric in cold water until the rinse water runs clear. Wash the fabric in warm water with a mild detergent, rinse and dry.



After rinsing, you can now proceed to the drying phase. The fabric will dry in 3-4 hours if the weather is hot. In cold weather, the drying time may take up to 1 day.


A good fabric dye does not leave the fabric after application. For this reason, when buying fabric dye, you should pay attention to choosing quality dyes.


Viktoria Fabric Dye is frequently preferred in fabric dyeing with its different color options and high quality. You can visit our address to review and order different fabric dye options.


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