Woodblock printing is the technique of transferring an image to the fabric with a unique method. It is frequently preferred in terms of transferring the designs onto the wooden printing mold easily. Wood printing is carving to transfer the desired image to a flat surface or fabric, dipping it into paint and processing it into the fabric. In order to create patterns on fabrics, a wooden printing mold must be created by carving the wooden material. Then this mold can be painted and used to create patterns on fabric.


What is Woodblock Printing?


Woodblock printing is also known as wood printing is a painting technique made with a unique method. It is a printing technique made using fabric printing patterns. For wood printing, a wood material with a flat surface is required. After the pattern is drawn on the woodblock, the parts other than the picture are cut. In the style of excavation painting with woodcut patterns, all the lines that make up the painting are carved on the woodcut plate high above the ground. Thus, protrusions occur on the wood surface. These protrusions are painted and printed on paper. Outputs the image in reverse format. Therefore, the wooden block should be drawn upside down. Wood printing method is among the first printing methods.


What are Wood Printing Materials?

Wood printing materials can be found easily on hobby markets, DIY stores or websites.

• Flat plate

• Sponge

• Wooden printing molds

• Fabric dye

• Fabric

How is Wood Printing Made?

Wood printing production stages are as follows.

• The first step to make a wood print application is to obtain wood print materials.

• In order to perform the wood printing technique, it is necessary to obtain a wood block with a flat surface.

• The picture to be drawn should be drawn on the wooden block. This picture can be painted in the desired color.

• The edges of the wood block are cut with the help of a cutting tool to create a wood printing pattern.

• After cutting, paint should be applied to the picture. For this, it should be determined which tone will be preferred on the fabric or the floor.

• After the wooden printing plate is painted, it is printed on a suitable fabric. This process is suitable for all types of fabrics with cotton properties. After the printing process, the trace of the picture remains on the fabric.

There are many important elements in wood printing application. Molds made from cherry, pear, sycamore and beech trees, especially the most preferred linden tree, are used for wood printing. The structure of the trees preferred for printing should be soft. Molds made from soft and flat trees make it possible to transfer pictures in the best way possible. Applying paint has a great importance in the art of wood printing. Controlled and thin application of the paint with the help of a sponge is also an important detail. After applying the paint to the wooden mold, it is necessary to press firmly on the fabric and not to move the mold. Otherwise, the shape will be distorted. If the application on the surface is not sufficient the first time, it can be done several times. 

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