The fabric dyeing process, which can be applied to discolored and faded clothes, can also be applied to new clothes. You can change the color of the clothes you want and give a new color with fabric dye.


The most important point when dyeing fabric at home is the property of the fabric you want to dye. Polyester, non-fibre fabrics can be dyed. Fabrics containing 15% polyester can be dyed. However, the part containing polyester will not be dyed. For example, When dyeing jeans, you can see that the sewing threads are not dyed. The main reason why the threads are not dyed is that the threads are polyester.


What are Fabric Dyeing Methods?


There are three main fabric dyeing methods. The first is to dye with the washing machine, the second is to dye in a pot, and the third is to dye in the bucket. Hand dyeing, which is one of the textile fabric dyeing methods, is more difficult when compared to machine dyeing. However, more permanent and successful results can be obtained compared to fabric dyeing in the machine.


What are Hand Fabric Dyeing Methods?


Fabric Dyeing by Boiling Method


Those who want to do the fabric dyeing process with the boiling method should boil the fabric with dye in the pot. In this way, you allow the dye to work deep into the fabric. After the boiling process is completed, what needs to be done is to take a coarse cloth filled with cold water. Cooling the clothing is necessary before pouring the stabilizer so that the dye does not stay hot on the clothing. Immediately after the cooling technique, fixative should be poured on the clothing. After the stabilizer is poured, it is waited for a while. The fabric is finally wrung out and left to dry properly.


How Can Fabric Dyeing in Bucket Do


Choose a bucket where the fabric can move freely. Add water at a temperature suitable for the fabric to the bucket. Temperature is important for dyeing quality. Add the dye to the water, determining the ratio to the fabric. If Viktoria Powder Fabric Dye is to be used, 10 grams dye is enough for 200 grams of dry weighed fabric. You can calculate the net dye amount by weighing the fabric. For the estimated dyeing process, a t-shirt weighs 200 grams, and a jean weighs 400 grams on average.


After adding the dye, mix until it dissolves. Then add the fabric. Stir from time to time until you dye the entire surface. Soak the fabric in water until the water has cooled completely. Then rinse the fabric until water runs clear. If you are going to use Viktoria Fiske Dye Fixer, add a flick of clean warm water. Wait 30 minutes. Then you can rinse the fabric, dry it and use it.


Viktoria Fabric Dye is a Turkish company that has been serving for over 120 years. You can easily dye the fabric you want with quality fabricdye options. You can visit to review and order fabric dye options.


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