Fabric dye is a type of dye that is specially produced for printing on fabric. Fabric dyes are dyes that are scaled differently according to the fabric structure. It is preferred for an aesthetic appearance and a functional use.

Fabric dyes are designed for different types of fabrics. They should be chosen as a darker color than the fabric to be dyed. Otherwise, the desired result cannot be achieved in the fabric dyeing process.


An original pattern can be created optionally during fabric dyeing. The way to do this is to know the easy method. The dye chosen for each fabric will not be the same. Fabric dye is an ideal choice for silk, linen, cotton and natural fiber fabrics. After the fabric dyeing process, it should be dried by contacting with air. After drying, the dye should be brought to a permanent base on the fabric by ironing.


Does Fabric Dye Remove from Fabric?


While applying fabric dye, fabric dye stabilizer can be used to ensure permanence. In addition, permanent fabric dye can be preferred. The purpose of this is to allow the fabric to be held in its deep fibers. So, the dye cannot come off the fabric. However, when some poor-quality fabric dyes are used, fabric dye may come off after a few washes. For this reason, when buying fabric dye, attention should be paid to whether the product is of good quality. At this point, Viktoria Fabric Dyes appear as fabric dyes that do not come off when



Viktoria Fabric Dye is a brand that has proven its success in the fabric dyeing process.

With this brand, the dye on the fabrics will not come off no matter how many times you wash them. Salt can be added to the dye to increase the permanence of the dye.


Why Should I Dye My Fabric?


Fabrics can be dyed for any reason. Fabric dyeing can be done to reuse fabrics that have lost their old vitality. In this way, fabrics can be used as they were on the first day.

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