Those who are interested or enthusiastic about crafts, hobbies or art may want to make a choice between acrylic paint and oil paint. By knowing features of acrylic paint and oil paint, you can choose your ideal product according to the process you want to do.

Acrylic and oil paints are generally preferred in painting applications made by choosing the right paint on canvases, surfaces and paintings and in many other places. Paint is chosen according to the process to be applied.

Choosing paints according to their abilities and tastes is important for a successful work. For this reason, attention should be paid to choosing the right paint in order to perform a more enjoyable activity and to make the work look what you want.

Features of Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint is a type of water-based paint used in many applications. Since acrylic paint dries quickly, the application should be done faster. This paint, which is easy to clean, provides convenience in correcting the mistakes made on any surface. Acrylic paint, which is one of the widely used paint types, allows an advantageous use thanks to its creamy consistency.

Acrylic paints have a wide range of application. This type of paint, which is preferred in interior and exterior paint applications, can also be applied to wood, paper, ceramics, glass and fabric.

Features of Oil Paint

Oil paint, also called solvent-based paint, has a bright color structure. It has a heavy smell. Oil paint, which is suitable for use on wooden and metal surfaces, is the material from which paintings that make a name for themselves in the history of art. The reason why the paintings that left their mark on history are as bright and colorful as they were on the first day, is the structure of oil paint.

What are the Differences Between Acrylic and Oil Paint?

There are many differences between oil paint and acrylic paint, but the main difference is that acrylic paint is water-based and oil paint is oil-based. Acrylic paint is thinned with water, while oil paint is thinned with thinner. Acrylic paint and oil paint can be applied on top of each other but cannot be mixed.

Acrylic paint dries faster than oil paint. When it dries, its colors darken. Oil paint, on the other hand, dries more slowly than acrylic paint and its colors can stay the same even after years. These two paints have a glossy structure.

Oil paint can be applied to a floor where acrylic paint is applied. Acrylic paint can also be applied to an oil-painted floor. However, it is not possible to mix these paints.

If you want to do hobby and multi-purpose painting, you can choose acrylic paint. However, you can choose oil paint to use in areas such as painting. 

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