Dyeing pants may seem more difficult than other dyeing processes, but it is just as practical. You can use fabric dye to dye dark-colored jeans that have been stained or have had their color fade after washing.

Black jeans can turn into a dark gray or smoky color over time due to washing or use. Dyeing jeans may seem like a hassle, but it is a very economical and practical process. If your new jeans have been stained, don't hesitate to dye them.

Dyeing your pants instead of buying new ones provides both financial and environmental benefits. In today's world, where the culture of consumption is being replaced by sustainability, the use-and-reuse approach is becoming more prominent. You can also dye your stained or faded pants to protect both the environment and your budget.

Dyeing Pants with Fabric Dye

Dyeing fabric at home is very practical. When dyeing stained pants, it is beneficial to use non-running fabric dye. Fabric dye is generally available in powder, liquid, and spray forms in every color.

Viktoria Fabric Dye stands out with its powder, liquid, and spray fabric dye options. With its high quality and non-running structure, Viktoria Fabric Dye manages to maintain its color for many years. Viktoria, a Turkish company that has been in business for over a century, can help you transform your fabric through dyeing.

viktoriapowder fabric dye does not contain any harmful or allergenic substances. There is no harm to the environment from the colored waters.

All fabrics that do not contain polyester fibers can be dyed with fabric dyes. To understand if the fabric is polyester, you need to look at the product label. Fabrics containing up to 15% polyester can be dyed.

Hand Dyeing a Stained Pant

Three different methods can be used for fabric dyeing: in a washing machine, in a bucket with hot water, or by boiling in a pot. The temperature during dyeing is important for the quality of the dyeing. Each fabric can withstand different temperature levels. Therefore, it is useful to choose the appropriate method for your fabric before dyeing. Increasing the temperature will shorten the dyeing time. Therefore, the dyeing time will be longer at a lower temperature. While boiling in a pot takes 30 minutes, it can take up to 1 or 1.5 hours at 30°C in a bucket or a washing machine.

You can achieve the best results with hand dyeing, especially with denim pants. For hand fabric dyeing, you can choose a container such as a bucket. Put the pants in the bucket with hot water. Then dissolve the fabric dye in water in a separate container. You can choose Viktoria Fabric Dye in powder form. After stirring the fabric dye regularly for 10 minutes, add it to the container with the pants. Keep the pants in the water for about 45 minutes. When the pants reach the desired color, remove them from the container and place them in warm water. You can perform the rinsing process until the water becomes clear. Then you can wash the pants with a soft detergent in warm water and let them dry.

Dyeing Stained Pants in Washing Machine

Set the washing machine to the highest temperature suitable for the fabric. Adjust the washing program to about 30 minutes. Pour the fabric dye solution over the pants inside the washing machine. You can add some fabric softener to the softener compartment of your washing machine and start the washing process. After the washing process is complete, wash the pants in warm water with a gentle detergent and leave them to dry.



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